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Simplify Tire Inspection and Routing with our TFFIS Software.

Our Tire Factory Floor Information System (TFFIS) has enabled tire plants to move data from machines to the plant data center since 1997.
Smart Sorting
  • Integrate TFFIS with your current conveyor design
  • Streamline final finish route based on tire processing plan
  • Efficient tire servicing with easy-to-read process history
  • Replace damaged barcodes
  • Discard unacceptable tires

  • Customizable, straight-forward HMI
  • Effortless record visual inspection data
  • Review upstream tire production history

Our Customers use TFFIS to:

TFFIS delivers accurate production accounting

Inventory management is an important TFFIS option

TFFIS User Interface

TFFIS delivers accurate production accounting

This example report shows production filtered by a variety of selections (Department, Date, etc.) shown in the heading.

TFFIS delivers delay reporting

Use these reports to identify critical or frequent sources of downtime.

TFFIS delivers better floor communication

  • Alert supervisors or maintenance about unexpected production delays
  • Call for stock directly from a product bill of materials
  • Deliver delay alerts to cell phones, pagers, or email addresses

TFFIS can monitor production cycles to deliver quality alerts

  • TFFIS looks for variance related to production sequence or time
  • When interfaced to the machine PLC, TFFIS can send a quality alert, or if the variance is severe, immediately stop out-of-spec machine to prevent further production (and waste)

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Founded in 1978, CTI has been a valuable resource for large industries. Since 2001, we've expanded the capabilities of Poling Group tire equipment, including uniformity and geometry testing machines.

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