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TSAS is available as a fully integrated
TTOC controller option or as a standalone
system for replacement of your antiquated
capacitive sidewall appearance systems.

Designed to improve sidewall defect detection
and reduce false rejects, TSAS achieves
both goals. It has reasonable deployment cost
and it does not add any machine cycle time. 

More Than a Controller

The most thought-out, robust controller on the
market. Software like Waveform
Validation & Correction (WVC), Machine
Effect Compensation and Correction (MECC),
Air Learn, Data Acquistion, and improved motion
algorithms allow a testing machine to test, mark,
and sort more than 3 tires every minute.



TWave software plots harmonic
information as a waveform view and
transforms waveform data into individual
harmonic magnitudes and angles. This
process gives you unparalleled visualization
and analysis of typical final finish data.


Innovative and practical, TDAQ was specially
developed by Poling Group to apply modern
technology to the task of test data acquisition.

Simplified wiring, combined with data
acquisition located closer to the source,
produce stronger and cleaner signals to bring
about a substantial increase in resolution.


CTI, a Poling Group Company:
CTI joined the Poling Group in 2001 to offer complete tire testing solutions for world class customers. CTI provides the Controls, Software, Data Acquisition and Geometry Testing to Poling Group Machinery.
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About CTI

CTI has provided system integration/data acquisition services and custom machine interfaces to tire companies and other manufacturers since 1978.

Poling GroupWe joined the Poling Group in 2001 to expand the capabilities of Poling Group tire equipment, including uniformity and geometry testing machines.
InnovationWhen we can’t find the right tool, we create it. Our queued transaction processing, PLCIO Linux/PLC communications, remote support and “shop floor to top floor” integration products highlight the innovation our customers have come to expect.
Continuous SupportWe still provide continuous support for all products and custom applications, regardless of how long they’ve been operating, and typically with the same engineers who developed them..
Enterprise SolutionsWe remain committed to developing and implementing customized enterprise solutions. For example, our advanced analytics group supplies business intelligence software and analysis for some of the top retail chains in the U.S.
Poling Group Products and Services Brochure Products & Services Overview

Download a convenient PDF document that details the latest developments within the Poling Group.
ISO Certification
ISO 9001:2015

The Poling Group companies Akron Special Machinery (ASM) and Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI) are certified ISO 9001:2015 with Design.