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CTI Material Handling Systems are built around barcode identity and our information management products like TFFIS. We custom design each system to meet the unique process layouts of your equipment.
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CTI Offers Intelligent Material Handling

Benefits of Intelligent Material Handling

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Barcoding & Product Traceability

Why Invest in Product Barcoding?

Barcoding for Tire Manufacturers
Begin barcoding by attaching barcode labels to products:

You can barcode products individually (green tires) or packaged in groups (beads), and either apply pre-printed barcode labels supplied on rolls, or attach individual barcode tags printed “on demand“ as inventory is produced.

You can also barcode packaged products. These applications usually utilize “on demand” barcode labels that automatically print as inventory is produced. When you attach barcodes to your products, you identify them. Now you can track products as they are produced, moved, tested, and consumed.

When you store product data keyed by barcode number, you create Product Traceability.

Because components were scanned at a building machine, the database record also links to component product data. To retrieve this information, just scan the tire barcode label.

Each product barcode record also links to detailed machine and operator data. CTI can customize data to fit your organization.

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Founded in 1978, CTI has been a valuable resource for large industries. Since 2001, we've expanded the capabilities of Poling Group tire equipment, including uniformity and geometry testing machines.

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