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MPI - Multi Path Inspection

Our latest geometry software MPI is an integral part of TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System, and standard on every TTOC6 Controller.

MPI - Multi Path Inspection incorporates advanced testing algorithms to locate sidewall buldges and depressions, as well as other anomalies that appear in sidewall and tread areas of the tire.

MPI is available for either spot lasers or line lasers. With spot lasers, MPI provides additional confirmation passes on either side of the chosen path in order to reduce false rejects. With line lasers, 3D images of the sidewalls are acquired. MPI uses this extra information to more accurately differentiate letters from anomalies and to automatically detect the ideal measurement region, ignoring the shoulder tread and bead areas. MPI is especially useful for tires that have large lettering or complex patterns that would make typical, single-path analysis difficult.

The picture above shows a diagnostic screen taken from a standalone version of the MPI TSAS with the line laser measurement option. Plots are fully interactive, and you can view any path or profile (each of the 256 paths has 1024 points).

The top pane is a graphical display of all data captured by a line laser.

The center pane contains one of the 256 paths identified by the horizontal indicator line in the top pane. Slopes are color-coded to aid identification. Green is an upslope, yellow is a downslope. Anomalies (bulge in this example) are highlighted in grey. The purple line crossing the plot is the harmonic data.

The bottom pane contains one of the 1024 profiles of 256 points identified by the vertical indicator line in the top pane.

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