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Factory Management Software

Final Finish Host
We developed FFH specifically for tire manufacturing final finish to provide the data and reporting you need to satisfy both external and internal customers. More Information

Tire Factory Floor Information System
Our Tire Factory Floor Information System (TFFIS) has enabled tire plants to move data from machines to the plant data center since 1997. More Information

Advanced Analytics
Advanced, visually-based, analytic tools work effectively with tire data to help users quickly locate problems. Is your company ready to implement Advanced Analytics in your manufacturing process? CTI can Help! More Information

TTOC6 Tire Testing Controller Software

Waveform Validation and Correction
This new, iterative process of waveform collection / validation / potential waveform correction results in tires tested more accurately and with greater repeatability, within a much faster measurement cycle. More Information

Machine Effect Characterization and Compensation
Is it possible for advanced algorithms to determine the mechanical deficiencies of a modern Tire Uniformity machine and then adjust the measurement process to compensate for those deficiencies? Thankfully, now with MECC we can say "YES IT IS!" More Information

Multi-Path Inspection
Our latest geometry software is an integral part of the TTOC6. It incorporates advanced testing algorithms to locate sidewall buldges and depressions, as well as other anomalies that appear in sidewall and tread areas of the tire.More Information

Other Software by CTI

Tread Label Management
Custom label database implementation allowing manufacturers to update and maintain their product information on a fully hosted solution. Distributors then use this database to display tire information to consumers.More Information

Tire Waveform Analysis Software
This new software plots harmonic information as a waveform view and transforms waveform data to individual harmonic magnitudes and angles. This process gives you unparalleled visualization and analysis of typical final finish data. More Information

PLCIO Software
PLCIO is a UNIX/Linux library that allows applications to communicate directly with a PLC using standard Ethernet or Serial connections. Enterprise applications that currently depend on PLCIO include warehouse management, ASRS, tracking/barcode, and a variety of embedded control systems. More Information