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Advanced Analytics / Manufacturing Intelligence

Do you already use Poling Group machines or have product traceability systems in place? You may have all the product, machine, and process data you need.

You may also have data overload . . .
• Your staff loses productive hours generating and analyzing lengthy reports to identify production and quality trends
• Your organization suffers with spreadmart--huge amounts of data completely cut off from the source and stuck in a multitude of spreadsheets
• Your IT department spends too much time developing specialized queries to satisfy departmental requests

Services we provide as a solution
• Working with IT and users to define requirements
• Custom training/mentoring on data warehouse technical best practices
• Source data integration design and implementation
• Data warehouse design and online analytical processing (OLAP) cube build
• Optimization of existing data warehouse or cubes
• End user training

Visual Reports Make Complex Data Understandable
Proven Technology

Data warehousing and OLAP databases have long been used by financial service and retail companies to organize large, complex sets of data for efficient data queries and analysis.

How does this technology differ from operational IT systems you may already have in place?
• Adapts to changing operations, instead of structuring them
• Designed for effectiveness (right time queries), instead of efficiency (real time transactions)
• Scalability: can include enterprise data, instead of remaining narrowly focused on a single department or manufacturing area

Proven Tools

Advanced, visually-based analytical tools work effectively with data to help users quickly locate problems.

The benefits of these and other interactive reporting tools are proven--they reduce the IT reporting treadmill by empowering non-technical end users to:
• Create and manage their own ad hoc reports
• Use exception reporting to isolate problems and opportunities
• Quickly visualize solutions to complex or abstract problems

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