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Custom Software Engineering

For almost 40 years we've designed and integrated computer systems in a cost effective way, delivering unsurpassed products and services.
We work closely with our clients to design computer system solutions and implement them. We frequently provide engineering to:
analyze legacy software and provide a bid specification for a replacement system
program software and install systems to client specification on a turnkey basis
support a client project team through the development and implementation stages

While CTI software engineers have special knowledge and experience related to tire manufacturing, they have also assisted a variety of clients in the automotive, retail, steel, pharmaceutical, eCommerce, and package delivery industries. 
Our clients come from diverse industries, but  their projects typically share a common goal: satisfy special business requirements with  software not found in a box.

Data acquisition 
Measurement algorithms 
Factory automation 
System integration 
Inventory management
Statistical process control
Business intelligence
Bar code management 
Intranet & Internet applications 
Specification & design
Network security 
Database design &  implementation 
Documentation & online help
Programming Environments
C / C++ / C#
.NET and .NET Compact Framework 
Oracle / SQL Server 
OLTP / OLAP Reporting Services 

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