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Material Handling Systems for the Tire Industry

CTI Material Handling Systems are built around bar code identity and our information management products like TFFIS - Tire Factory Floor Information System. We custom design each system to meet the unique process layouts of your equipment.

CTI Expertise
• We have a proven track record with systems that reliably convey, track, and collect data for large product volumes
(> 60,000 tires/day/station)
• We have extensive experience routing tires to machines, special handling stations, palletizing stations and other product sorting systems based on scheduling, customer, and tire processing results.
• We have information management software ready to assist, monitor, and report tire processing

CTI Offers Intelligent Material Handling
• Strategically-placed bar code readers identify product arriving at a process location
• Information management software that acquires and tracks process data for each identified product

Benefits of Intelligent Material Handling
• Convey product to scheduled, available destinations
• Convey product around unnecessary processes (bypass)
• Validate product at a processing point, before processing begins

Material Handling Services
• Assistance in choosing the bar code format and symbology that best fit your operations
• Engineering to define requirements, such as machine capacity, production flow, and tire characteristics
• Development of specifications, installation drawings, and project management plan
• Design of conveyor layout and control architecture
• Production of floor level PLC controls and software
• Project management, including startup assistance
• Information management, including web-based user interface

Bar Coding & Product Traceability
Why Invest in Product Bar Coding?
• Enables intelligent material handling and a necessary element of product traceability
• Builds foundation for automatic inventory management
• Alows mixed mode (lot size 1) vs. batch mode processing in the final finish area
• Improves response to customer and product quality issues

Bar Coding for Tire Manufactuers
Begin car coding by attaching bar code labels to products :
Raw materials that become rubber
Rubber that becomes components
Components that become tires
Tires that go to your customers

You can bar code products individually (green tires) or packaged in groups (beads), and either apply pre-printed bar code labels supplied on rolls, or attach individual bar code tags printed “on demand“ as inventory is produced.

You can also bar code packaged products. These applications usually utilize “on demand” bar code labels that automatically print as inventory is produced. When you attach bar codes to your products, you identify them. Now you can track products as they are produced, moved, tested and consumed.

When you store product data keyed by bar code number, you create Product Traceability.

Because components were scanned at a building machine, the data base record also links to component product data. To retrieve this information, just scan the tire bar code label.

Each product bar code record also links to detailed machine and operator data. CTI can customize data to fit your organization.

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