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TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System

Geometry testing has never been smarter! Available as a fully integrated TTOC6 controller option or as a standalone unit for replacing aging sidewall or RRO testing systems, TSAS provides a total solution for locating and analyzing tire sidewall and runout anomalies.

Features include :
- Inspection software that incorporates our latest, patented multi-path algorithm
- User-friendly tools that provide visual, customizable tire surface analysis
- Robust transport that quickly, accurately, and consistently positions a variety of laser sensors
- Easy setup screen to configure sensor positioning you can save directly to the TTOC machine controller
- Ability to store thousands of tire images for later inspection

TSAS Software Suite
CTI's latest geometry software includes advanced testing algorithms to locate sidewall bulges and depressions, as well as other anomalies that appear in sidewall and tread areas of the tire.

TSAS supports spot lasers or line lasers. With spot lasers, TSAS provides additional confirmation passes on either side of the chosen path in order to reduce false rejects. With line lasers, TSAS can acquire 3D images needed to more accurately differentiate letters from anomalies and to automatically detect the ideal measurement region, ignoring the shoulder tread and bead areas. TSAS is especially useful for tires that have large lettering or complex patterns that would make typical, single-path analysis difficult.

To support analysis, TSAS provides a feature-rich toolset you can use to visually inspect and measure any area on a tire.

Not only do we continually improve this toolset to meet the changing demands of geometry testing, we can also provide new features and custom analysis tools upon request.

TSAS Transport
Our fully-automatic 4-axis transport precisely positions up to three geometry sensors - typically two sidewall and one RRO laser. A whisker switch and dual-direction breakaway system protect sensors from unexpected damage.

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