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CTI Hardware

With 40 years of experience in engineering, software, R&D, and manufacturing, you can be assured that CTI hardware is well designed and well built. Our exclusive hardware was engineered as the direct result of improvements we saw necessary in the tire manufacturing process. Each piece of hardware has a team of dedicated engineers and support staff to assist you in any questions you have or customization that you may need.

TTOC6 Machine Controller
Superior technology for tire test control and data acquisition. Available for new Poling Group tire testing equipment or in kit form to upgrade your current uniformity machine (even if the Poling Group didn’t provide it). More Information

TDAQ - Tire Data Acquisition
Looking to upgrade your data acquisition software? TDAQ not only gives you a better product with better options, but it also reduces your equipment. This means easier set-up and easier maintenance. More Information

TSAS - Tire Surface Analysis System
The TSAS is available as a fully-integrated TTOC controller option or as a standalone system for replacement of your antiquated capacitive sidewall appearance systems.More Information

TLA - Tread Label Applicator
Creates, manages and prints tread labels. This system alleviates the common problems of labor intensity, vendor collaboration and high costs in the government-mandated labeling requirement. More Information