Controller and Data Acquisition Upgrades

Replace your obsolete controller and keep your machine operational.

Latest control technology with TTOC6:
• Open architecture for integrating barcode readers,
   marking systems, sorters, etc.
• Enterprise access and remote support
• Supervisory server integration
• Centralize recipe management
• Product traceability and intelligent material handling
• Improved measurement accuracy using the new
   TDAQ (Tire Data Acquisition) Module
Increased resolution for all measurements
• Better noise immunity
• Simplified maintenance with fewer electronic components and less points of failure

Quick installation turnaround minimizes production downtime


News & Announcements
CTI introduces Waveform Validation and Correction (WVC),  an entirely new and proprietary way of collecting, evaluating and processing tire uniformity measurement information. View More Information Here
As a response to the growing need for a manageable answer to the governmental regulations for tire tread labels – 
CTI has released our hosted Tread Label Management (TLM) software website
CTI is a Poling Group company. To learn more about Poling Group tire manufacturing / testing equipment and services (including product video and printable spec sheets), click here: www.PolingGroup.com
TTOC6 released. Find out how our latest Tire Testing & Optimization Controller combines improved capabilities and simplified maintenance to improve your tire testing operations: View More Information Here
We designed our Tread Label Applicator to automatically attach tire tread labels printed “just-in-time.” See the updated product video here.

We help you solve the difficult data acquisition problems!

Need to report test data from a mix of machines supplied by a variety of vendors? Check out our final finish data acquisition system for a solution customized to satisfy your internal and external customers.


Have an existing shop floor or data center interface that does everything but  talk to your machines? We have a factory floor information strategy to solve that problem.


Worried about porting your existing INTERCHANGE applications to a modern platform? Our PLCIO library makes it easy for your Linux-based applications to talk to A-B, Siemens, Modicon, and other PLCs.


Have a product barcode system that starts in the tire room? We can help you provide the missing link necessary for complete tire traceability.

5 Things to Know about cTI

We have provided system integration/data acquisition services and custom machine interfaces to tire companies and other manufacturers since 1978.


We joined the Poling Group in 2001 to expand the capabilities of Poling Group tire equipment, including uniformity and geometry testing machines.


When we can’t find the right tool, we create it. Our queued transaction processing, PLCIO Linux/PLC communications, remote support and “shop floor to top floor” integration products highlight the innovation our customers have come to expect.


We still provide continuous support for all products and custom applications, regardless of how long they’ve been operating, and typically with the same engineers who developed them..


We remain committed to developing and implementing customized enterprise solutions. For example, our advanced analytics group supplies business intelligence software and analysis for some of the top retail chains in the U.S.

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